“XFT saved my marriage…”

My friend George has an old Honda Dream 125cc that nobody wanted to use.  He got the engine rebuilt and uses it daily.

Before XFT:

The bike would have to be taken to the mechanic if it hadn’t been started for 3 days.  Anytime his wife sat on the bike, it would die after about 20 minutes.  This became the cause of some friction as George’s wife wanted him to get rid of the bike.

After using XFT regularly:

George happily reported that XFT saved his marriage.  The motorbike no longer stalls and starts easily using the electric starter.  He hasn’t kick-started his bike since he started using XFT.

Bangkok Is Asias 13Th Most-Polluted City – Thailand News – Thailand Forum

Bangkok Is Asias 13Th Most-Polluted City – Thailand News – Thailand Forum.

XFT is able to cut pollution from petrol or Diesel engines by 1/3 .

What about where you live?

Being Unique!

RAILROAD.NET • View topic – Let’s hear it for the team!.

I was doing a google search to see if anyone else had used my blog title and this was the only other site that showed up.  Looking deeper, the topic seemed to be about a movie with the title “Turning Giants into Gnats.”  Taking a look at www.imdb.com, there was no such movie.

Being unique can be both good and bad.  Good because we are unique and we stand out, even in an  Internet search.  Bad because nobody [yet] is thinking like you.

The opportunity is to take this unique thought and make it bear the fruit you want and the way you want.


Transferring from wordpress.com to my host

Decided to transfer the blog of 7 years to my own hosting site primarily because I can put all my business links without trouble.  This is important if you’re using this to connect people to the different businesses that you use and you want to keep your own personal links to those businesses active.

Plus if you enable jetpack on wordpress, it will allow you to use the many features of wordpress.com

If you need a reliable webhosting service, do consider Hostmonster.  I transferred from p—-b as I was having trouble with my mailing list some years back.  I’ve had good service and any problems were dealt with in a reasonable amount of time.

Click here to check out HOSTMONSTER

Rediscovering the Past for a better future…SFI and Tripleclicks

Going Forward..

I’m taking a new look at SFI seven years later.  I didn’t think I had a use for this back then but that has now changed.  Helping to make a difference in the lives of those who need help.  For example, someone in a remote village has something to sell but has no access to the rest of the world.  Enter TripleClicks.  A Global MarketPlace for the local yokel with something to share to the world.

Looking Back


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