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I am Nathaniel Heng. I am a SFI Silver Team Leader  (FacebookLinkedinE-mail, and SKYPENAME )

I am currently no. 1 in my E365 Class and have been climbing up steadily.

I want to help you become a top affiliate as well.

Today you will start a new venture with SFI. It is a real job. It is not a scam, it is not a money making scheeme. It is a genuine online business.

Start today by signing up. Then set up your back office. Visit these links below to reach 500 points your very first day. You will be rewarded by both SFI and by me personally if you achieve this. Then before the month ends reach 1500 points. Do so by studing the materials SFI has on their site. Having done so you will be rewarded, but more importantly you will be trained to engage in real online business for profit.

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500 Points Here

For confirming your registration =>> 150 points

For whitelisting and my email =>> 100 points

For completing your Affiliate Profile =>> 75 points

For registering as an a2a member =>> 60 points

For sending your SFI Commitment Message to your sponsor =>> 50 points

For reading the Getting Started FAQs =>> 50 points

For reading the “About SFI” page =>> 20 points

Total points —— 505 VP.

Visit this link to see all the points you can earn to get to 1500.