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February 2018
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Going through the book of Hebrews

August 10th, 2007

I have just started to go through the book of Hebrews for my QT.

For Chapter 1, verse 3 especially spoke to me about how Jesus set the greatest example of humility. I also read through Matt. 20:20-29 and v. 26b-28 was talking about how we should purpose to serve. I then went on to 1 Peter 4:10-11 which speaks about serving with God’s strength!

“As followers of Jesus, we should purpose to serve with God’s strength (so that His name will be glorified in our service)”

God has spoken to me!

August 10th, 2007

As I was doing my QT on Tuesday (07/08/07), I just accessed my email and looked at Crosswalk’s devotion for Monday (06/08/07). The passage that was stated was Ps 103:19-22 and it was speaking to me to trust God’s sovereignty and purposes for everything. Together with this trust in God, God Himself was reminding that He would strengthen me (1 Chron 29:12)!

As I continue with my time here in Payap University, Chiangmai, I am also planning to step out more of ERC to befreind and reach out to more students and to make God’s name known in Payap University (Ps 57:9-11)!

A much awaited update!

August 3rd, 2007

Hi and greetings to all who reads this blog:

I am doing well in Chiangmai as I help out at the English Resource Corner at Payap University.

Here are some photos showing all of you what I have been doing in Chiangmai so far:

Lunch after teaching English to children at a village house

Lunch after teaching English to children at a village house on Saturday morning

At a location overlooking Chiangmai

At a location overlooking Chiangmai

At Chiang Mai Theological Seminary teaching village children on a Sunday afternoon

Also teaching village children at Chiang Mai Theological Seminary on a Sunday afternoon (22/07/07)

Picking longans at P’ Gade’s farm

Picking longans at P’ Gade’s farm on Sunday afternoon

So… this is just a rough summary of what I have been doing in Chiangmai.

I also have been involved in teaching and interacting with the Theology students that Bro. Nate is teaching too!

Do pray for me as I establish friendships with them and possibly other Thai students in Payap University!

Cell meeting

July 12th, 2007

Today we had lunch with Birtz, a Chiangmai university student we had gotten to know after going to have some late night snacks at Mike’s(a burger joint round the corner). Invited him for Camp Echo Party tomorrow.

The cell meeting this evening was like a forum for the students. Pastor was around to answer the questions the students have. Questions were

“What are the differences between a Catholic and a Christian?”, “Can Satan enter into believers?”, “Can Christians watch horror movies?”,  “Do ghosts exist?”, “What happens when a believer dies?”, “Can Christians be cremated?”

Thank God for being faithful.

Today Koi met with a motorbike accident. God kept her safe with some repairs to her bike.

The enemy is working overtime to exploit every opportunity to upset the coming baptism. Nonetheless, we who believe in God have the ability to tap into God’s unlimited resource through prayer. The enemy can scare us, but never touch us for God will not allow that.  We came together tonight to pray for those who are going to be baptised or transferred in.

Week 3

July 3rd, 2007

Thank God for the start of this brand new week! It has been an exciting trip thus far, seeing how God provides and leads us.

We thank God for opportunities to exchange mobile numbers with the students during class today and through that, we were able to build bridges to the students by meeting them outside of class time to help them with their studies.

In the afternoon, we had new faces joining us at club, we thank God for bringing them in too.

Please continue to pray for us :

1) as we go about inviting people to join us for English Club today, that God will lead us to the right people.

 2) that the students we interact with during class, and outside of it can truly see Christ’s love through us.

3) As we enter our 3rd week in Chiang mai, that we may be able to strenghthen our existing friendships with the students, on top of building new ones – and that God will grant us opportunities to take this a step further : for us to share the gospel with the students.

4) Good health for the team, we thank God that both Gwyneth and myself are feeling much better now.

Pictures :)

June 29th, 2007

Nasi Lemak

Curry Chicken

Students at the English club today

Day 8

June 25th, 2007

We saw Allvina off at the airport this morning. Thank God for bringing her back to Singapore safely. Though Allvina might be away from the team, she still remains part of Team Operation Chiangmai, as she plays her part by praying for us daily. The team also had a time of worship/devotion and sharing with her this evening via Skype.

Thank God for a fulfilling day for the team. The team officially started running the English Conversation Club for the first time this afternoon. Thank God for granting Eugene and Gwyneth wisdom as they led in the activities. Thank God also for the students who came today (11 came today, excluding the Christian workers like P’Gade, Apple and P’Nick) and for their enthusiasm as they participated in the games. It was a wonderful time of learning and getting to know one another better.

The team finally got to lunch with the theology students at their hostel’s canteen today. Thank God for the opportunity to get to know Bro Nat’s students better. God-willing, this will be the core group and we hope that thru this group, we’ll get to know their friends, who might feel more comfortable joining us if they see this group with us often.

Three of us managed to have some time to ourselves at Black Canyon cafe this evening :] We also managed to take the time to write personal notes to each student who came for today’s club meeting. We hope that thru little efforts like these, the students would try to attend English Conversation Club meetings regularly.

Pray for:
1. a possible dinner gathering prepared by the team (we’ll be preparing Singaporean food for the Thai students) – for God to bring the students He wants us to reach out to

2. an upcoming English Camp on 6-8 July – for wisdom as the team helps in the planning/running of the camp, and for God to bring the right no. of people

3. Allvina as she returns to work tomorrow

4. complete recovery for Eugene and Gwyneth (thank God they’re getting better each day)

5. the team – strength, wisdom and good time management as the next few weeks become more challenging/exciting

A quick update..

June 19th, 2007

Hi guys,

I just got back from the national eye centre, thank God that the doctor has diagnosed my eye condition to be an infection caused by mircosporidium. 

The doctor has actually adviced me against leaving for chiang mai, and scheduled another appointment 2 weeks later to review my condition. Despite the circumstance, it has all along been, and still is my desire to join up with the team that is in chiang mai now, I thank God also for my parents who understand my stand, and i understand and appreciate their concerns too. At the same time, I am fully confident that our God is in control, as His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than our thoughts. :)

Please continue to keep me in prayer, that God will grant me a speedy recovery( there’s still 3 nights 2 days) before my scheduled departure on fri, and for wisdom to make the right decision concerning the trip to Chiangmai.

” I know who holds tomorrow, and i know who holds my hand, with God things don’t just happened, everything by Him is planned, and as i face the future, with its problems large and small, I’ll trust the God of miracles, give to Him my all”

Do continue to pray for me, thanks!

Pray for Eugene…

June 17th, 2007

Few more hours before we set off for the airport, we have 1 prayer request: Due to an eye infection, Eugene will not be able fly with us to Chiang Mai monday morning. It’s a little dissappointing as we have all waited eagerly for this day. Eugene will, however, fly later in the week to join us at Chiang Mai, after the eye specialist can confirm that his infection is not serious. Please pray for God’s healing hand upon Eugene and that God will enable him to join us in Chiang Mai soon. Pray also for Satan to get out of the way of God’s work…

A choice we made today…

May 27th, 2007

Hi guys, finally, my first blog entry here =p

And honestly, I’m so excited to share of God’s goodness towards me. It has really taught be alot and I pray that those who will read this would be blessed too.

Here i go then:

It was a Sunday, the 27th of May, what started out to be like a typical Sunday at church turned out to be rather eventful! After church, and after our various meetings and choir practices, the 3 of us, Gwyneth, Hannah, and myself decided to just do some catching up, and to just take a walk around Jurong Point. Having a car with us, we drove there and came to a decision to park at this make shift car park, since it offered free parking and was conveniently located just opposite Jurong Point . This particular carpark had no allocated markings for the lots, so we simply picked a spot and went off to Jp.

Hours later, we returned to where our car was parked – it was noticeably more packed, and it didn’t help that streams of cars were continually entering an already “crammed” car park. So we started our car and began reversing out….a couple of minutes later, we were nearing the end of the car park, but there was something that stood in the way – a car that obstructed the way by parking near the exit.  We had to negotiate a really tight turn..we started moving really slowly, “inching” our way through..Seconds passed and all of a sudden, we heard this tapping sound on the car. I paused and thought to myself, what was that? I don’t see anyone tapping the car boot… I did not realise what had happened, but to my horror, I had actually scratched the rear bumber of the car that stood in the way.

We were faced with a decision, a choice…to siam or not to siam( siam : evade any form of trouble) .

What would you do if you were faced with such a situation? Honestly, I was in a dilemma, at the back of my head, I knew that being a Christian, it certainly wouldn’t be right to just leave without leaving a note – for fear of incurring any additional repair bills. And on the other hand, I was thinking that if that car owner could actually choose to park in a position that obstructed the way, he might actually turn out to be quite an unreasonable person. One who may even take advantage of the situation to get a “free car – make over” probably a change of car-bumber, or maybe even a new coat of paint.

We were at a lost, not knowing what to do…we were “weighing the cost” – but what were at the end of the 2 scales?

I thank God for the 2 Christian friends Gwyneth and Hannah who were there at that point of time. They provided such good and sound advice too, and showed love through their patience, help towards me. While we were contemplating and “weighing the cost”, Hannah suggested with a soft, but firm voice, saying “I think we should leave a note”. Though that may seem naive of her (of not realising how cruel the world may be), at the back of my mind, I knew that she was right, and what struck me was the kind of faith she had in God when faced with adversity..how could I choose to flee, stumbling her with my decision especially since Hannah was a relatively new believer, and it was also so timely, that the topic my pri 5 Sunday school class and I were on happened to be decision making, choosing to honor God just as Abraham did..I seriously thought to myself, how could I be teaching others, but not even practicing it myself?


Indeed our God is always there when we need Him, so real and so true, and how everything fell in place so perfectly. We prayed together..and i thank God for showing us things in a different light – instead of having “extra expenses incurred” on 1 side of the scale, and “driving off – maybe even without the owner himself realising that extra scratch on his car bumber” we weighed the cost differently – one side being “losing money, an earthly possession”  and the other being “our testimony we leave for others as Christians”

So we finally came to a decision, we chose to honour God, by leaving a note for the car owner with my mobile number on it.

Minutes slipped past, perhaps even an hour, the sky was dark by then and it started raining really heavily too, so we decided to enclose the note within a plastic bag -> that was coincidentally from life book shop! I’m sure nothing happens by chance and I thank God that the three of us chose to honor God with our decision. Even though we knew not of what would happen, we left, with this peace in our hearts knowing that God will honour those who honour Him.

As I got home, I started praying, pleading with God to show himself real, so that we may glorify Him through this..just at that moment, my hand phone rang, it was an unknown number…

I picked it up and true enough, it was the car owner..

Our God is truly awesome, and sovereign! The owner kindly said that he had read the note and would settle any fees incurred from the damages on his own” 

What a mighty God we serve, indeed I feel so privileged that we as Christians can turn to Him whenever we need Him, whatever the time, wherever the place.

Indeed, i pray that i will always be reminded of this incident when i make future decisions in life. That having a child-like faith is all it takes, to trust in God to make decisions simply based on what God has instructed us ad Christians to do, and not to rely on our own intelligence. (just like in the incident of worrying whether or not the car owner would take advantage of us)

All praise and glory be unto our wonderful God, our councillor and marvellous friend. J

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