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February 2018
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English Camp and Souls saved

July 8th, 2007

Thank God for a good English Camp.

Some updates. There were about 20 students for the camp. We thank God for holding back rain during all our outdoor activities and the splendour of His creation. The waterfall was fantastic, the barbecue went well, the games for team building and english speaking also got many of them talking in English and making new friends.  At night we came together to spontaneously sing worship songs in thai and some english, before surprising Gi (A Christian Payap student who is also a Pastor’s daughter) with a Birthday “cake” (okay, it was a small tart) :)  Later, some laid matts on the grass to sleep outdoors. We saw the stars, a fire-fly and 3 shooting stars streak across the night sky. Isn’t God’s hands in creation just wonderful? How many singaporeans would get such a sight back home? Rarely are we so acquainted with our God’s marvelous creations.

1 student came to recieve Christ. His name is Pong. He is a computer science student at Payap. He’s thai chinese. Interestingly, he only joined us on friday for club when we invited him and his friend who is also a computer science major but she couldn’t make it.  We met him the first time on Friday, but by Sunday morning he had come to know the Lord! and we have a “new brother” as Jack(karen Christian, one of the core members in this circle of Christian brothers and sisters)  said it.  Praise God for answering our prayers as Jack, Dear, Drum and I prayed under the stars that God will allow Pong to come to Christ as P’Gade and Open were sharing with him. Am encouraged that the ministry here is multiplying through the native Christians who are eager and zealous to reach out with much warmth and love for the brethren.

Another thanksgiving that we did not get to blog about because we were so busy with the planning and logistics during th elast few days before camp was that Koi’s sister, Kip, had prayed to recieve Christ into her life when Bro Nat shared the gospel with her. Koi still doesn’t know. Pray that God will keep her and grow her, that she’ll begin telling her decision to others. She’s quite shy now.

2 souls that God has added into the church and into His kingdom! What can I say, but  Praise to the Lord most highest! How excellent is Thy name in all the earth and marvellous are Your works that men can hardly fathom. It’s a joy to just be able to be involved in some way to the salvation of these souls for the glory of God.

Support Raising and Team Newsletter

April 24th, 2007

Thanks for your constant prayers. The team has finally churned out the Team Newsletter for people who would support us in our work for our God this June-July.

This newsletter contains more information to inform you how you can be involved in missions! Yes, you can be involved in the Great Commission too, even if you cannot be physically with us in Chiangmai! Do check it out and keep the team in prayer as we’ve begun in preparing and asking God to prepare us spiritually, we’ve now reached the stage where we will also have to look to God for financial support. We know it is a small feat for our God, but a big step of faith for us.

Keep praying for Chiangmai and the team.

Operation Chiangmai Support Newsletter

Operation Chiangmai Support Newsletter

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