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June 2007
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Payap Christian Retreat at Wang Pa Pao

June 30th, 2007

Playing a game of “make up”.

Up the slippery slope.

Trying to fill a bottle with water from the pond.

Bible trivia quiz, where the price of losing is costly. 😛

Pictures :)

June 29th, 2007

Nasi Lemak

Curry Chicken

Students at the English club today

June 29th, 2007

Ying is apparently not home yet. but she called home to say she is staying at a friend’s house and is not wanting to go back yet.

Thank God for a successful Singapore Night Party. We did not have many newcomers but some non-believers who haven’t been around for club in awhile. Had the opportunity to talk to Gift, a catholic about the gospel of grace through faith by which we are saved. It’s easy to talk about salvation by faith, but it’s so difficult for others to understand. Especially when you grew up with such a mentality. There are many layers to peel and only God can reach the core. I believed Jack and I have helped her understand salvation by faith a little better tonight, pray for more opportunity to share.

Thank God the American team came today to help us out with the work of organising the English games today. Pray for their accomodations as they search other means. They are here for 6-7weeks. 2 girls called Kristen Knox(from NY) and Vivian Yee(from LA).

We also had a good prayer walk with the Nav team. We could probably do more such. Pray for us, we need to really go out and catch “fish” because not many are biting the bait.

June 27th, 2007

thank God for answered prayer.

Ying is back at home now. She went to stay with a friend. The parents have come down from the hometown and we think she’s got everyone really mad. Pray for love, peace and Christ to be magnified in the family and Ying’s life.

Thank God today we had 2 new faces that came voluntarily to the club. They are pschology majors who needed to make an english presentation the next day. One remarked that English Club is really helpful to her and she’ll like to join us on Friday.

Worked out the menu to have curry chicken and Nasi Lemak for the friday singapore themed english club. Tomorrow, we’ll be doing some shopping and cooking.

Today, we were at Carrefour when Bro Nat called and said that suddenly there was an influx of people in the English club to learn. This wasn’t planned as we don’t have club that day and all our appointments with students that day ended up with Students not coming, that’s why we decided to head to Carrefour. When we were in the carpark heading back, the truck we drove was reversing when I made a turn too early and it hit the honda civic on the right. It caused scratches and a crack. I was feeling really lousy that I wasn’t careful enough and now I had to cause so much trouble and delay to the ministry. I was also worried for what sort of owner would come. Would he/she be a difficult person to deal with? I prayed and asked God to bring a nice person along and to settle the situation amicably. The lady that came was very nice. And eventually the insurance agent came down to help settle the whole situation. I felt really bad for not being more careful when driving a car I’m not used to as it was much bigger then anything i droved before, but Bro Nat, Sis Pat, Gwyneth, Eugene and the other Thai Christians like P Gade, Koi and Apple were all very kind with their words. Gwyneth mentioned that this could be Satan’s way of keeping us away from doing God’s work. Nonetheless, we still succeeded in helping those students out. Earlier in the 1st week, I had reversed Sis Pat’s little red car into a ditch(though with no injuries or damages, except for koi’s feet being pricked by thorns while pushing the car out). Please pray for God’s hand of protection to continue to rest upon the team. To make me more careful that the Devil may not have a foothold to delay or obstruct the ministry here. The lady of the Honda Civic was quite greatful that we did not just leave as she said others would. It’s interesting how something similar happened to Eugene a couple of weeks back too. That experience helped me in deciding fast what was the right thing to do. Thank God for that. It’s a very eventful few weeks I must say. Many “1sts” for me and the team in Chiangmai.

Pray for me that God may give me wise and knowledgeable leadership.

Pray for Eugene and Gwyn who continue to take Pi Pa Gao to sooth the cough and phlegm. They are getting better, thank God.

Pray for a Christian retreat camp by Payap University where we are asked to help plan some station games on sat.

Pray for the baptism of 5 others and 2 transfer-ins for lighthouse BP church on 15th July.

Pray for English camp next Fri-Sat. That we may be able to reach out with the Gospel of Christ.

Pray for Nelson as he shares his testimony on Sunday.

Praise be to the Lord.

Oh Lord our Lord, How excellent is Thy name in all the earth! (Psa 8)

Prayer Requests

June 26th, 2007

Please pray for:

  1. Ying, a thai Christian girl who has gone missing since Friday. Her aunt last heard she was going to stay out for one night. A police report has been made. We don’t know if she is being irresponsible or in danger, as she is quite a playful girl.
  2. Koi and her sister and brother-in-law. He has started work at the car-wash. Koi’s dormitory is not safe lately with all the strangers peeking in and stealing things from the dorm in broad daylight.
  3. the English club on Friday where we are having Singapore food. Students will come and there is opportunity to build deeper friendships and spiritual conversations.
  4. English Camp next week, Friday to Saturday. Pray for the planning, the students to come, the venue.
  5. Christian Camp  that maybe on this Saturday.
  6. Team’s health. Eugene and Gwyn still coughing.

Day 8

June 25th, 2007

We saw Allvina off at the airport this morning. Thank God for bringing her back to Singapore safely. Though Allvina might be away from the team, she still remains part of Team Operation Chiangmai, as she plays her part by praying for us daily. The team also had a time of worship/devotion and sharing with her this evening via Skype.

Thank God for a fulfilling day for the team. The team officially started running the English Conversation Club for the first time this afternoon. Thank God for granting Eugene and Gwyneth wisdom as they led in the activities. Thank God also for the students who came today (11 came today, excluding the Christian workers like P’Gade, Apple and P’Nick) and for their enthusiasm as they participated in the games. It was a wonderful time of learning and getting to know one another better.

The team finally got to lunch with the theology students at their hostel’s canteen today. Thank God for the opportunity to get to know Bro Nat’s students better. God-willing, this will be the core group and we hope that thru this group, we’ll get to know their friends, who might feel more comfortable joining us if they see this group with us often.

Three of us managed to have some time to ourselves at Black Canyon cafe this evening :] We also managed to take the time to write personal notes to each student who came for today’s club meeting. We hope that thru little efforts like these, the students would try to attend English Conversation Club meetings regularly.

Pray for:
1. a possible dinner gathering prepared by the team (we’ll be preparing Singaporean food for the Thai students) – for God to bring the students He wants us to reach out to

2. an upcoming English Camp on 6-8 July – for wisdom as the team helps in the planning/running of the camp, and for God to bring the right no. of people

3. Allvina as she returns to work tomorrow

4. complete recovery for Eugene and Gwyneth (thank God they’re getting better each day)

5. the team – strength, wisdom and good time management as the next few weeks become more challenging/exciting

Day of rest…

June 24th, 2007

Thank God for a good service at Lighhouse BP Church. A good number of students came and we had a wonderful time praising and worshipping the Lord. Allvina had the opportunity to share her testimony to the congregation. Thank God for Apple who translated with clarity. Thank God for those who came up to her to say that they were encouraged by her testimony.

We had lunch after service, the local way, which is where all of us are seated in a circle with all the food in the middle. We got to try quite a few types of chilli with the fried pork skins… they are sinful but yet sooo irressistable. ;P Thank God for good fellowship.

The team then rested and waited for 6pm to come, so that we could head down to the walking street which only opens on sunday. Koi met us there and we walked down the long row of stalls selling things of all sorts, from aromatherapy incense, jewellery to fried silkworms. Thank God also for the opportunity to have dinner with Koi’s sister and bro-in-law.

June 23rd, 2007

Thank God for the last week, where the focus had been on building the relationships with the Christians in the church and ERC. Now that we’ve got a better foundation with the people we’re working with, next week we plan to cast our nets even further to reach out to non-believers more intensely. Please pray as God reminds us to be prepared for opposition.

Thank God for a good break that the team had today. We spent most of our time today at Airport Plaza, having lunch and doing some shopping followed by some cheap 59bt Swensen’s ice-cream. Thereafter, we had dinner with Bro Nat and family and Koi at a thai hostel restaurant called Lemon Tree. We did not get to see the night view of Chiangmai city at Doi Suthep today due to a road block, but thank God for the soya milk dessert Sis Pat bought for us.

We had a good time of fellowship, worship and devotion for the team meeting tonight.

Thank God that Eugene’s fever and flu is all about gone.

Pray for:

1) Eugene’s eyes that the vision will clear up soon. Thank God his eyes are getting better and his fever and flu seems almost gone except for a cough.

2) Lighthouse BP Church service and Bro Nat as he preaches.

3) Navigator team coming next week to work alongside us.

4) continued journey mercies as Nelson drives in a foreign land.

5) Nelson as he leads the team that the Lord will give him wisdom and judgement that he will be able to lead the team to the glory of God.

6) Allvina as she leaves to go back on Monday morning. That the Lord will reveal His ways and His desires unto her as she continues to support the ministry and team back in Singapore.

7) Thank God that Gwyn’s voice is better. Pray also for her parents who are coming back to Singapore from Shanghai.

8) For the recording of the Navigators Study in audio.

Final Team Member Flying In

June 21st, 2007

Eugene is to join us soon. He’ll be flying 6am Tiger Airways to Chiangmai. Arrival time 830am (Thai time). The team will finally be complete when he arrives. Indeed each member of this ministry is important, unique and precious. We thank God for enabling each and everyone of us to be able to serve Him in Chiangmai.

Pray for a safe flight, good rest. He is also now suffering from fever and slight flu.

praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

June 20th, 2007

Thank God for seeing the team thru the past 3 days. Firstly, we thank God for allowing the 4 of us to meet every night for worship and devotions – despite being separated geographically – via video conference 😉 Praise God for being Jehovah-Rapha to Eugene and Gwyneth. Eugene’s vision is getting better and his parents have given him their consent to join us this Friday. Gwyneth’s getting better too.

Today was a pretty physically tiring day for us. We met Bro Nat’s 2 classes of theology students for the first time this morning. It was wonderful getting to know them, but it soon got rather challenging for us when we had to use very simple words/phrases to help the first class to understand 2 verses (Ephesians 2:8-9) in 1 hour.

Thank God for the many opportunities to interact with the students today at the ERC, over dinner and at Lighthouse’s prayer meeting. Allvina shared that she felt the need for more youths to just come and befriend these Thai youths, be alongside them and constantly encourage them in their Christian walk. Nelson shared that he was really overwhelmed when a Thai Christian friend, Jack, came up to him and gave him a hug just before he left Bro Nat’s home after prayer meeting. He had just gotten to really know Jack today at the ERC while helping him with his test preparations and never did he expect such a warm expression of appreciation. Indeed, our God is a God of relationships.

God has been very real to Gwyneth. She shared last night that she had a long conversation with a Thai Christian youth whom she had befriended on her last trip. This young lady, who now also worships and serves at Lighthouse BP, shared that her dad had been ignoring her calls for quite some time. Gwyneth had the opportunity to pray with her, and this morning, the young lady shared that God had answered their prayers by moving her dad to return her call :) Truly, the God we serve is a Sovereign God.

Gwyneth also realised that ministry to the Thai youths cannot be a one-off thing if we really want to build relationships that will last. The time she had invested during the previous 2 trips were worth it as this time round, instead of just hi-and-bye friends, there were a couple of people she could really sit down and have long personal conversations with.

Today’s highlight would probably be the prayer meeting. It was truly a time of worship, praise and thanksgiving. As we watched the Thais sing, we could really feel their joy and enthusiasm…and as Gwyneth wondered, what is it that drives them to sing with so much joy?

Prayer requests:

  1. Complete recovery for Eugene and Gwyneth
  2. Spiritual growth for the Thai Christians serving in the ERC and Lighthouse BP, namely, Apple, P’Gade, Jack, Koi and Ying.
  3. That the booklet “The way to heaven” will be successfully published in God’s perfect timing. It has gone through 7 revisions and each time was a frustrating affair as the parts that were correct before needed to be corrected again.
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