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October 2007
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Understanding Thai culture

October 14th, 2007

We had Sis Apple and Sis Aof from Chiangmai for the mission seminar on 13th Oct. Bro Nat also joined us. Held in the format of a forum, Bro Nat, Sis Apple and Sis Aof helped us understand some interesting aspects of Thai culture: from their reverence for the king of Thailand to why the Thais are always smiling..

Afterwhich, we had a time of sharing and praying for each other. Those who were able to stay had a great time of fellowship over dinner at Raffles Town Club.

Prayer requests – 13th Oct 2007

October 14th, 2007

For team:

  1. Families to take an open-minded mission trip for God to speak to their hearts.
  2. Strength and good health.
  3. Peace of mind and heart to focus on God and the trip.
  4. Prepare the hearts of the people who are going.
  5. God’s direction for this trip: to follow God and not own plans, flexibility and sensitivity.
  6. Unity for the team.
  7. Love and patience towards each other despite wide age range.
  8. To be a good testimony to the church.

For those who are working:

  1. Pray for smooth handing over for job before trip.
  2. Pray for wisdom to juggle commitments between church and family.

For those in school:

  1. Pray for those taking exams.
  2. Pray for wisdom to juggle commitments: CCA, School assignments, church.
  3. Pray for no test on 14th Dec as that’s the date the team is scheduled to leave.
  4. To spend Dec holidays for God’s work.

Spiritual needs:

  1. To wait on God and be submissive to His will.
  2. To share faith.
  3. To keep close to God.
  4. Increase love for God’s people, both Christians and non-Christians.
  5. God to give clear directions on those waiting on him for specific requests.

Physical needs:

  1. God’s grace on those who are receiving treatment.

Salvation of loved ones:

  1. Sis Pat’s Father
  2. Sis Apple – family(mum, sis) salvation, serving full-time in ERC.
  3. Sis Aof – family’s(father, mother, bro) salvation.

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