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We just got back from Lumphun

December 21st, 2007

Today was a hectic day. We left Chiangmai about 1045 hrs. After about 29 km, we arrived at Lumphun church. Had a quick lunch and off to the Rajaphat technical institute. We performed in the school canteen which reminded me of my old Gan Eng Seng canteen during Secondary one. Some students were attentive but there were those that weren’t. Anyway, it was a test run for the evening performance.

We setup on the community stage at the walking street in Lumphun city. For some of us, it reminded us of the 7th month stage shows in Singapore. It was a new experience for all. Many people walked by as the Galileans sang. The kids were enthralled by the puppets but when there was only singing, the parents would quickly pull their children along.

We had to rush back to Chiangmai because Apple’s sister was locked out of the house. When we got back, P’Gade called to say that someone had stolen the truck battery. So began an extended eventful evening. It was already 11pm and how to find a battery shop that was open. So I finally had to borrow the battery from our neighbour’s truck and rush back to Lumphun where the remainder of the team were there waiting.

So we installed the battery and came home close to 1am.  Thank God everybody was safe and no accidents.  Anyway, another busy day tomorrow.  Radio broadcast at noon and 2 performances tomorrow.

Good night….good morning…

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