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February 2018
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Touch Down

July 16th, 2007

The team has arrived back in Singapore safe and sound by the mercies of God. It’s been a blessed trip. Thank God for all the souls saved, blessings, protection, relationships and answers to prayer that were recorded on this blog as well as many more that we have not had the opportunity to.

The only way to know all of what God has done for us and through us is to be there with us. One cannot see the power of God working in their lives if one does not step out in faith – to reach out to uncharted seas for treasures that lie ahead, trusting in the marvellous providence and love of God who is our surety.

Baptism and Holy Communion Service

July 16th, 2007

Am thankful to our all mighty God for His providence throughout and the privilege to witness the baptism and transfer in of the 1st members of Lighthouse BP Church.

In the middle of the night, both I and Eugene woke up with stomach pain. I had some case of diarrhoea that kept me up for an hour. I was praying that God would heal me and make me good again as I was chairing the service the next day. I had a good rest for the remainder of the night. Woke up in the morning and continued to pray for God’s mercies upon me. All was fine as I chaired the service though I was quite prepared to ask someone else to take over if something goes wrong. Thank God, He kept me till Pastor was delivering the message when I got another bout of stomach pain. It was interesting as i did not miss the message because I could hear Pastor preaching from the 3rd level toilet :) Right after the service, the stomach pain just stopped. Well, I believe there was an element of spiritual warfare going on that day. Whatever it was, it was clear that anything that would stop glory being given unto God is not of God. But our God is faithful and He will not let any harm come to us that will knock us out of the quest to glorify Him. I relate this incident even as I saw how some of the Baptism candidates went through an accident unscathed and various other oppositions.

Thank God for Deacon Kok Wah who came over to witness the baptism and transfer in, it was very much encouraging.  The service was very good, though it was quite long. 3 hours! We had a good lunch at Kopitiam(just down the street) with lots of photo taking.

We spent our last night at walking street again. We couldn’t find the theology students who said they would come to sing praises to God in walking street, but we still had a good time with P’Gade, Aof, Parn, Nat, Drum, Min, Chi_k, Koi, Kip, Ae, Kris and Vivian. It was the last night and it was sort of a little sorrowful to me, it’s like reality has finally sunk in. Praise God that as Pastor mentioned in the message, being believers in Christ we have 1 thing in common and that is Christ! Our relationships are established upon our identities in Christ, as children of God and brothers to each other. I made more new friends whom were sincere and warm then I’ve had in a while. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Rest and recreation and Rehearsals

July 14th, 2007

We had a little rest and recreation today by having buffet lunch at Empress Hotel, before dropping by Airport Plaza for a short while. The boys(including Bro Nat and David) was suppose to get our Thai massage, but things got a little late and we decided to postpone it.

We had rehearsals for the service with the songs as well as the order in which the baptism would be carried out.  Excited to know that Deacon Kok Wah would be here tomorrow. The support for the ministry of missions is very encouraging.  We ended the rehearsals with dinner of pizzas and tiramisu! Sis Pat went out to get Pizzas and Mrs Heng made tiramisu!

Later we went to visit Yui’s grandmother’s wake.

Kris is out of hospital and is better now. She’ll be coming to the church service tomorrow. Thank God.

Camp Echo and David had arrived

July 13th, 2007

Camp Echo was really good. Many came today and we had a good time of songs, sharing and a photo slideshow followed with food prepared by the loving hands of Sis Pat :)  It was a memorable time as we reviewed and talk about our time in chiangmai.

On our last day of ministry we got a couple of surprises as some students passed us a photo of themselves.

David arrived safe and sound. Thank God.

Dan and Laura found a home.

Kris is down and out in McCormick hospital due to a bout of flu and stomache flu. Vivian is staying with her in the ward. We visited her twice. She’s feeling really sad that she can’t go out and be involved in the ministry.

Cell meeting

July 12th, 2007

Today we had lunch with Birtz, a Chiangmai university student we had gotten to know after going to have some late night snacks at Mike’s(a burger joint round the corner). Invited him for Camp Echo Party tomorrow.

The cell meeting this evening was like a forum for the students. Pastor was around to answer the questions the students have. Questions were

“What are the differences between a Catholic and a Christian?”, “Can Satan enter into believers?”, “Can Christians watch horror movies?”,  “Do ghosts exist?”, “What happens when a believer dies?”, “Can Christians be cremated?”

Thank God for being faithful.

Today Koi met with a motorbike accident. God kept her safe with some repairs to her bike.

The enemy is working overtime to exploit every opportunity to upset the coming baptism. Nonetheless, we who believe in God have the ability to tap into God’s unlimited resource through prayer. The enemy can scare us, but never touch us for God will not allow that.  We came together tonight to pray for those who are going to be baptised or transferred in.

July 12th, 2007

Yesterday was a good day. Although we could no longer travel in the Mira which was a lil banged up from a traffic accident while Bro Nat was trying to send us home on tuesday, we are thankful that it’s the last bit of ministry now and things are beginning to wind down.

I had the opportunity to reassure the salvation and forgiveness that God has given to a 4th year English major student called Jib. It was an answer to something that has been on my heart actually. I was hoping to talk to her a little more since the camp as she had only recently left campus crusade group and started joinging ERC activities. She had received Christ in September but was not yet quite sure if her sins were completely forgiven. I shared with her through the 4 spiritual laws booklet, the 4th law of personally receiving Jesus into her life and how God cannot lie and that we have to base our confidence on the fact of God’s word and our faith in it, not how we feel about our state of forgiveness. As a Christian not too long ago, I use to battle with feelings of how maybe this sin is the last straw of forgiveness that Jesus would give me. But it is not true, and Christ has come to set us free from us feelings of guilt and hopelessness.

Prayer meeting was good and pastor shared on the power of God in answering prayer through his personal experiences and why prayer meeting is important because God wants to use us a pipes to channel all His power and blessings. P’Gade let slip his mouth and Koi finally came to know that her sister Kip has received Christ(we were hoping she’ll tell Koi herself).

Aof, Parn, Koi, Drum have all passed their interviews and will be due to be baptised on Sunday.

Pray for Ople and Drum and Min (all high school students) who have an exam on friday and will soon have to seat for their university entrance exam at the end of the month.

Kris(from the nav team) is down with a flu, but getting a little better. Dan and Laura and kids have also been given a 1 day notice to moved out of the house and find another(due to some renovation works the organisation that owns it wants to do).

Koi seems also to be coming down with a fever and she’s got work to complete as well as a baptism to “preserve” herself for.

I also want to make good use of my remainder time here. Not sure what specifically to pray for, except that God will have me experience the best He has for me.

Trip up to Doi Suthep

July 10th, 2007

Today, we went with the Nav team and Dan’s(Nav Team leader, was a missionary in chiangmai) friend Andrew to Doi Suthep. Andrew has been working in chiangmai as a teacher and principal for 11 years. He isn’t a Christian though he grew up in a protestant background. He was kind enough to give us a very good tour of the temples and the history of Buddha and Buddhism, which was a subject that he had a keen interest in as many other “farang”(foreigners) are enamoured with.

We prayed for chiangmai at the scenic view atop the Suthep Temple where you could see the entire chiangmai city. It was a good relationship building time as Andrew shared with us about many things from architecture to statues and how the brand of Buddhism here has strong Sri Lankan influences as well as how Buddhism is evolving in Thai society, slowly adding Chinese influence and even Hindu and Indonesian cultural influences like the Garuda and Brahma.

English Camp and Souls saved

July 8th, 2007

Thank God for a good English Camp.

Some updates. There were about 20 students for the camp. We thank God for holding back rain during all our outdoor activities and the splendour of His creation. The waterfall was fantastic, the barbecue went well, the games for team building and english speaking also got many of them talking in English and making new friends.  At night we came together to spontaneously sing worship songs in thai and some english, before surprising Gi (A Christian Payap student who is also a Pastor’s daughter) with a Birthday “cake” (okay, it was a small tart) :)  Later, some laid matts on the grass to sleep outdoors. We saw the stars, a fire-fly and 3 shooting stars streak across the night sky. Isn’t God’s hands in creation just wonderful? How many singaporeans would get such a sight back home? Rarely are we so acquainted with our God’s marvelous creations.

1 student came to recieve Christ. His name is Pong. He is a computer science student at Payap. He’s thai chinese. Interestingly, he only joined us on friday for club when we invited him and his friend who is also a computer science major but she couldn’t make it.  We met him the first time on Friday, but by Sunday morning he had come to know the Lord! and we have a “new brother” as Jack(karen Christian, one of the core members in this circle of Christian brothers and sisters)  said it.  Praise God for answering our prayers as Jack, Dear, Drum and I prayed under the stars that God will allow Pong to come to Christ as P’Gade and Open were sharing with him. Am encouraged that the ministry here is multiplying through the native Christians who are eager and zealous to reach out with much warmth and love for the brethren.

Another thanksgiving that we did not get to blog about because we were so busy with the planning and logistics during th elast few days before camp was that Koi’s sister, Kip, had prayed to recieve Christ into her life when Bro Nat shared the gospel with her. Koi still doesn’t know. Pray that God will keep her and grow her, that she’ll begin telling her decision to others. She’s quite shy now.

2 souls that God has added into the church and into His kingdom! What can I say, but  Praise to the Lord most highest! How excellent is Thy name in all the earth and marvellous are Your works that men can hardly fathom. It’s a joy to just be able to be involved in some way to the salvation of these souls for the glory of God.

Today’s an off day

July 4th, 2007

Well, today’s an off-day the everyone is free to do whatever they wish.

Some details about and thoughts. Was doing my quiet time about Paul and Barnabas’ journeys to Iconium and how they returned after being chased out to encourage the believers there. We’ve been spending a lot of time with the theology students and today we felt there was even more breakthrough. Mission trips aren’t always about telling the gospel to non-believers, Paul and Barnabas’ also saw it important and took priority to encourage the believers in the places where they had laid the seeds of the gospel. Every mission trip has a different focus and we need to know what God wants us to do.  Spoke to a theology student, today. He understood that Payap was a liberal college and was talking about encouraging his friends to form a fellowship group that would be strong in the Lord to keep each other from coming out confused and having no confidence in God especially when some of the modules are taught by teachers who do not even believe or much less know God.  Praise God! There is always a remnant. A minority that He has set apart, holy and worthy of His service.

Invited a Chiangmai University student who works at Mikes (a nearby american food joint) to the English Camp after our run yesterday and  he gladly agreed. We exchanged contacts and he readily agreed to come. pray for him.

English Camp
Apple and Gwyn’s in charge of games in the camp.

Nelson and Eugene in charge of logistics.

Nelson also in charge of the evangelism programme.

Thanksgivings and Prayer Requests

July 3rd, 2007
  1. Thank God for answering prayer. Ying is back in Khong Kian with her parents. Thank God she is safe. But she’s lost her freedom now. Pray that will change her.
  2. Pray for the coming english camp on this saturday and the service on sunday that will both be held near a waterfall on Doi Suthep (highest peak in chiangmai). Non Believers will come. Christians will bring their non-Christian friends. Rain free(God willing). The soft-evangelism will be met with hearts that are prepared and softened by God and ready to respond to His call. Of course hearts of believers will be renewed to deicate their lives to Christ.
  3. Pray for Koi who moving out of her dorm. Thank God for answering prayer and enabling her to find another place.
  4. Thank God the Nav girls have found a nice place that’s free because it was from someone they knew who is back in the States.
  5. Pray for theology students that their english will improve and they won’t get discouraged.
  6. Pray for us as we looking at taking a day off on thursday as 2 weekends are going to be burnt back to back.
  7. Pray that God will lead the right people to us when we go out to talk to students.
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