The Problem with Helping Others…

Filed under: Tentmaking — nateheng at 10:36 am on Friday, October 5, 2007

While working on our current tract lifetime-membership project, I tried to help some by giving them “free” memberships. The response was quite interesting. These are some thoughts gleaned from the experience.

  1. Some people “read” but don’t really read the instructions.  it’s totally another issue if they are to follow the instructions.
  2. What seems clear to me doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clear to the other party.  Some don’t have the “tech-savvyness” to follow the instructions.
  3. The sense of urgency isn’t always apparent probably because not everyone is clear about why they would want help anyway.  Particularly if there isn’t some perceived immediate value.
  4. There are those that need help but don’t really want help…either because they didn’t understand the situation or the weren’t too urgent about it.
  5. We don’t want to force help on people.

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