“I Feel so useless…”

A couple young American volunteers lamented as they wrapped up their time here with us. One even shared how their friends were experiencing numerous conversions in another asian country whereas they were stuck with theology students who weren’t as forthcoming and exuberant in their expressions of thanks.

Seven years ago, we felt exactly the same! My wife and I were leaders in our home church. I lead the choir, lead 4 weekly Bible studies, lead the youth group and discipled young people. My wife also lead a Bible Study and helped in the youth work while working a full-time job. However when we arrived on the mission field. The skill set that we had in our home country became useless.

Simple daily survival like ordering food became a “point and grunt” affair. We were like adults trapped in the kindergarten zone. We felt so useless.

Perhaps you can identify with us. You know what, so did the Son of Man that very first Christmas so many years ago. The Lord of the Universe willingly trapped in the body of a cute little baby, born amidst the cows, donkeys and other stable animals, smelling the droppings of many creatures. Into all this was born the Creator of the Universe. A world where Roman rule was supreme while the King of Kings was powerless, at the mercy of the forces that would try to snuff out His existence. God protected Him.

God also protected us this many years here. He has provided, protected, guided and given us a purpose to be here. May God also guide you this Christmas and beyond.

GOD can use YOU! If you are willing, He can use you beyond what you can think or imagine. God is using us in that way too.